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August 15, 2006

Nick Pollard on the place of worldview in postmodern apologetics

4:35 am | Emergent Church | Apologetics | Comments: 2

Recently, Scot McKnight posted an entry on his blog on the subject of Emerging Evangelism, in which he stated that “[l]ogic isn’t as effective as it once was.” By implication, we would assume that our primary evangelistic approach should eliminate or at least seriously downplay the place and role of rational argument, subordinating it to […]

August 12, 2006

Spencer Burke, A Heretic’s Guide to Eternity, and Early Fallout

11:09 pm | Emergent Church | Comments: 3

A Question from a Druid about Christians and the Environment

6:03 pm | NeoPaganism | Comments: 0

August 2, 2006

The Dallas Observer on Ole Anthony

9:35 pm | Apologetics | Comments: 4

BibSac Article: “Healthy Churches Follow Biblical Rather Than Cultural Patterns of Ministry”

10:52 am | Emergent Church | Comments: 0

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