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Jeff Downs put the word out about a number of faculty lectures from the Master’s Seminary on both the New Perspective and on the Emerging Church. They’re available here:

Likewise, Ross Johnson pointed out that Concordia Theological Seminary has posted some papers about the New Perspective and the Emerging Church from its annual symposia:


- Dr. Mark A. Seifrid - “Imputation, Narration, and Justification: Where Do We Now Stand?” (Critiques N. T. Wright.) http://www.ctsfw.edu/events/symposia/papers/sym2006seifrid.pdf

- Dr. Stephen Westerholm - “Justification Is the Answer; What Is the Question?” ( Good Critical Introduction to the New Perspective) http://www.ctsfw.edu/events/symposia/papers/sym2006westerholm.pdf

- Conservative Lutheran theologian and Concordia Theological Seminary Profess John T. Pless gave a paper against the Emerging Church Movement. “The Gifts of the Spirit: Spirituality or Vocation” http://www.ctsfw.edu/events/symposia/papers/sym2006pless.pdf





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