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9:05 am | Announcement

With the move this past week completed, life is slowly returning back to normal. Yesterday afternoon the DSL was connected at the new apartment and I began the lengthy process of sifting through my email and responding to several messages.

One poster on John DePoe’s Athens and Jerusalem mailing list thought that it would be a good idea to fill my Inbox to capacity while I was away from email for several days. Fortunately, John put the smack on the guy and my Inbox continued to recieve email, although it was at 98 percent capacity when I was able to bring it up. With Thunderbird fired up, my email filters kicked in and brought the usage down to a much more reasonable level.

Things are still crazy here at the apartment. My personal library is still packed in boxes down in the garage. Sadly it will take some serious time and work to get these boxes up the stairs and unpacked; I’m hoping I will have energy to accomplish this task before the books are seriously damaged. On the upside, during the move I did find one of my favorite George Marsden books that had gone missing. Right now it is packed in the garage in a box labeled ‘History’ waiting to be recovered. Marsden has some great material - I love reading his history, even though the story he tells is often very sad and discouraging.

As life returns to normal (ha! what’s that?) I hope to have more leisure time for doing things like playing Eve, keeping up with discussions online, and posting on this blog. In the meantime, please bear with me as my life is in a state of disarray.



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