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Last week, I was approached by Rich Poll and Steve Hogel, moderators of AR-Talk to see if I would be available or interested in an opportunity to moderate the AR-Talk mailing list. During the week of May 7th, Steve will have only limited access to monitor the mailing list, so it was necessary that they enlist an additional moderator for that period.

After a day of thinking and praying about it, I accepted the invitation to be acting moderator. Rich had an admin account created for me to manage the mailing list software, and Steve contacted me on Friday to talk me through the moderator duties and give me a crash course on using the mailing list’s admin interface. This evening, Steve sent this message to AR-Talk:

I am writing to inform you that I will be stepping away from my normal moderation duties for the next 7 days. I will return May 14th. In my place as moderator will be Michael Hamblin []. Michael has been a list member for four years. Please give Michael a warm welcome by being on your best behavior. :) As a warning though, he has been handed the golden keys to the doghouse and the penalty box. Post wisely.

I greatly appreciate the opportunity to moderate AR-Talk, and hope to able to perform up to the level of excellence demonstrated by Rich and Steve. Please keep me in prayer during the upcoming week.



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