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After some discussion, Rich Poll and Steve Hogel have named me a co-moderator for the AR-Talk mailing list. The title was officially conferred with the ceremonial changing of the list’s footer file, which contains the text that is appended to the end of every email posted to AR-Talk.

Basically, this is just the logical extension of my acting moderator status back at the beginning of May. Steve and Rich have kept me in their discussions about AR-Talk related issues since my time as acting moderator, and from their perspective it makes sense to have help for those occassions when neither Steve nor Rich give the list adequate attention.

So again I have to say that I appreciate the opportunity to moderate AR-Talk - before on a temporary basis, and now as a regular moderator. Although it will be necessary as a moderator to exercise my perogative at times, when it comes to the list’s doghouse and penalty box, and the decisions of Rich and Steve to put a member on a restricted status, I will leave the question of whether or not someone should be restored to full post status to Rich and Steve’s judgement.



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