Open letter calls on Local Churches/Living Stream Ministry to Renounce Doctrines

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This is a major answer to prayer with regard to the ongoing situation with the Local Church. Please pass the URLs and information attached along.

An Open Letter: To the Leadership of Living Stream Ministry and the “Local Churches”

More than 60 evangelical Christian scholars and ministry leaders from seven nations have signed an unprecedented open letter asking the leadership of the “local churches” and Living Stream Ministry to withdraw unorthodox statements by their founder, Witness Lee. The letter also calls on the movement’s leaders to renounce their decades-long practice of using lawsuits and threatened litigation to respond to criticism and settle disputes with Christian organizations and individuals.

See also here:

Leading Evangelical Scholars Call On Local Churches/Living Stream Ministry to Renounce Doctrines, Legal Attacks

Please keep this in prayer. Many eyes are being opened since the failure of the Living Stream Ministry lawsuit and with the quarantine of Titus Chu. But prayer is needed that the Lord would open the eyes of those in the Local Church.



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