Unprotected: A Campus Psychiatrist Reveals How Political Correctness in Her Profession Endangers Every Student

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The following article is a must read for students on University campuses and parents of current students. It briefly reviews a new book called “Unprotected” which focuses on the excesses of sexual liberation being promoted through student health centers at University campuses - feel free to pass the article along. Sadly, in my experience most people - particularly parents - who are distant from the Universities have no idea how morally corrupt most campus counseling services are and how aggressively they promote sexuality as liberation to students seeking help. The tragedy is that students looking for help and healing from emotional trauma, listening to the fallacious advise of student health service workers, will suffer tremendous emotional trauma and possibly much worse.

Review by Mona Charen, January 5, 2007

What does Dr. Grossman believe that is so dangerous to admit? Well, start with ordinary sex. She believes that casual, promiscuous sex is tough on many women. They are hard-wired to bond with those they have sex with (the hormone oxytocin is implicated), and she sees countless female students reporting stress, eating disorders and even depression for reasons they cannot understand. After all, the world sells them on the notion that sex is pure recreation, that the “hook-up” culture is natural and even empowering to women, and that love and sex are two completely different things.

American campuses are, for the most part, laboratories of liberalism. You want an abortion? No problem. But if you grieve afterward, your pain is ignored or delegitimized. Dr. Grossman does not contest that most women may be emotionally fine after undergoing an abortion, but notes that a significant minority, perhaps 20 percent, do suffer depression and other symptoms afterward. Yet the politically correct position is to deny this medical reality.

No effort is spared to teach young people about the dangers of smoking, saturated fat, “unsafe sex” and even osteoporosis. But no one tells young women that if they want to be mothers they would do well to plan their careers around the unavoidable biological fact of declining fertility after age 35. The establishment encourages the fiction that women can expect to remain fertile well into their 40s.

It’s sad that this book is so necessary, but all the more welcome for that. Buy it for yourself, for your sons, but especially for your daughters.




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