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Evangelical Resources on Courtship and Marriage


American culture has changed dramatically in the 20th century, and one area of significant change that is particularly pronounced is the shift from mate selection by courtship to the new paradigm of dating. Although the new system of dating has only been in place during the latter half of the century, it has so effectivly replaced the old system that very few people of either the Baby Boomers, Generation X, or beyond are familiar with how the courtship model operated. The traditional ways are receiving much attention, however, as the fundamental flaws of the new system are being discovered painfully by those under it in the new generation.

The goal of this page is to share resources on the topic of courtship. There are several key areas to focus on: How the traditional model operated under ideal conditions, What changes occurred within the culture to neccessitate the dating system, How these changes have impacted culture, What contemporary changes are occurring with the system in the early 21st century, and How to recover what has been lost and remain relevant. College students are particularly interested in these developments as most are painfully aware by experience of the current problems with the dating system (having been through multiple cycles of coupling and breakup), and are often the most enthusiastic of reforming or replacing the dating culture.

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Audio Tapes


Real Girls

from Daniel Amos's album "Doppelgänger"
Words and Music by Terry Taylor and Jerry Chamberlain
©1983 Twitchen Vibes/ Paragon Music Corp. ASCAP

Girls with cars
Girls with cameras
Girls on game shows
Girls behind glass

Who are the real girls?
What's happened?
Who are the real girls?
Who are the real girls?
Who are the real girls?
Who are the real girls?

What's happening...
What's happening...
What's happening to women?

Who's on the seat of election
This casting couch of moral rejection
Men, muscle-bound without affection
Those who exercise subtle seduction

Girls in ads
Girls with big wigs
Girls incognito
Girls on display

Who makes the sacrifice?
Who pays the price?

They live the cheap life
Low budget still life
What makes a real life?
Who are the real girls?

What's happened to virtue?
What's happening to people?

Some females, they don't see heaven
And he-men deflect their vision
Angels grieve their indecision
God escapes their imagination

Girls- what are the statistics?
Girls- one out of two?
Girls- one out of ten?
Girls- is she one in a million?

Who is the real girl?
Who are the real girls?
Who is the real girl?
Who are the real girls?

I want to know
Who are the real girls?