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For non-Muslim Americans, the date September 11th stands out as the day that Islam invaded a peaceful nation. However, in the events that have followed, Muslims have had a particularly different perspective on the United States' role in the war on terror. While September 11th marked the beginning of unprecedented dialogue between Christians and Muslims, other events such as hate crimes against Muslims, the overthrown of the Afghan Taliban, and the war in Iraq, have left many Muslims skeptical. Is this a renewal of the Christian crusades?

Clearly, there is a need to continue the difficult but neccessary dialogue between Islam and Christianity. However, as Richard John Neuhaus notes, "We can help by not equating Islam with the evil done in the name of Islam, while, at the same time, not letting an 'ideal' Islam obscure the Islam of historical and contemporary fact." True dialogue must be dialogue in Truth, not of caricatures or ideals.

Christians are in a position today to dialogue with Muslims in ways that demand attention. Indeed, the Qur'an states clearly in Sura 2:256 "Let there be no compulsion in religion; Truth stands out clear from error". Let us then be people of the Truth, who carefully discern the times in which we live.

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The genesis of this resource listing is largely taken from MuslimHope.Com, with permission and various URL corrections and addendums. I encourage you to visit this excellent website firsthand.


Dialogue between Christians and Muslims can no longer be ignored in daily American life. The American University offers unparalleled opportunity for dialogue that, through time, patience, and understanding, can break down the barriers that have existed. As Evangelical Christians, we can no longer afford to let this opportunity pass.