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Evangelical Resources on Multi-Level Marketing

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A new friend at work is talking with you one day. After a break in the conversation, he says, "You seem to be a person who is driven toward success." You're flattered by his compliment! Before you can respond, he asks you, "I'd like to get your opinion on something. It'd really help me out, and you seem like you're the kind of person who can sniff out an opportunity."

That night, at your friend's house, with several friendly people who are sharing from the snack tray, a man asks a probing question: "What would it be worth to you to have financial freedom? I don't mean just not having to worry about money, but I mean true financial freedom - you could leave your job behind and live life the way you've always wanted to?" Piece by piece, bit by bit, he tells a spectacular story of how he and others like him have done just that: Broken free from the shackles of corporate America, and found true financial freedom! Most of all, he wants to share the secret with you!

The secret, he says, is in building a network of friends who you can help train to sell a wonderful line of products. By cutting out the middle-men and buying products directly from the manufacturer, literally hundreds of dollars could be saved on everyday household items. By getting in on the ground floor and selling directly and sharing by word of mouth, the network can bring income potential that can go beyond your wildest dreams!

Unfortuantely, there is a catch: The dreams never materialize, and no matter how much effort is put into building the network, eventually the dreams never stack up to the reality. Building the business consumes all the time and energy from a person's life, eating away time with family and friends. Friends you try to recruit into the plan give it the cold shoulder, only later to be turned against you because the business consumes your relationship. Eventually, like a house of cards, the house comes crashing down. The Emporer, we find, is naked.

Every year thousands of well-meaning individuals are lured into Multi-Level Marketing plans, only to destroy everything that is meaningful and important in their lives. The dreams of the past begin to be replaced with the dreams of making millions through MLM, and like an acid their life is literally burned away from the inside out. For people who have been deeply hurt, I have collected these resources, some from an Evangelical Christian perspective, some from a secular perspective, to help recognize the problem, and to recover the meaning of living free as a child dependent on God.

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General Articles on MLM

Articles available from the Federal Trade Commission

Articles from "The Skeptic's Dictionary"


Evangelical Christian Perspectives on MLM

General Books on MLM

Books Specifically on Amway

There are numerous books available critical of Amway specifically, so I will not attempt to exhaustively list published critiques of the company. However, as a pointer, here are a few resources.


Evangelical Websites Concerning MLM

General Websites Critical of MLM

Websites Critical of Amway and Quixtar

The following sites are critical of Amway / Quixtar and are included here without comment.

Usenet Newsgroups



Sharing the truth in love is difficult when those you care about won't accept that they are being consumed by a dream they will never be able to catch. It is never hopeless, though. Remember that the night is darkest just before the dawn. The weight of the organization and the weaknesses of the principles it is built upon will eventually cause the whole system to collapse. Even if loved ones lose everything, by being there for them throughout the worst, they will come to realize the truth. Keep up hope that they will see MLM for what it is, and keep praying that the Lord will lead them out of their destructive lusts.