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In 1999, Pope John Paul II wrote an Encyclical which directed the Church into a new season of evangelism. This Encyclical, "Ecclesia in America", had wide reaching consequences, particularly for the Church in America. Called "The New Evangelization", this Encyclical directs the Church to a new effort of worldwide evangelism - an effort that is to begin in the Americas, be driven by Catholic laity, and spread around the globe. Most importantly, great lattitude was given to the Church in America in determining how this new evangelism should occur and be shaped.

This Encyclical was filled with John Paul's profound wisdom. He pointed to the failures of the Church in fulfilling its calling to evangelize and exhorted the laity to live to a higher spiritual calling. The gap between one's faith and daily living must be bridged, his Encyclical insisted. Spirituality is life in Christ, not life with Christ. Additionally, the Church is plagued by a lack of Biblical knowledge. John Paul encouraged the Church in America to teach the Bible, noting that ignorance of scriptures is ignorance of Christ. Finally, the "New Evangelism" is to be achieved in solidarity - the Church united on its front, with laity stepping forward and working arm in arm with the Priesthood. The "New Evangelism" should occur in nothing less than the context of a renewed and profoundly lived spiritual walk with Jesus Christ.

But somewhere along the line, something went terribly wrong. Early on, a subtle change was made that caused the organizers to view the harvest in America not as a matter of those who do not know Christ or have rejected Christ, but instead to a view that "Protestants" needed to be brought back into the fold of the Catholic Church. The focus on reaching those who genuinely do not know Christ became secondary to the new focus on converting errant "Protestants". The biggest names in Roman Catholic apologetics to "Protestants" were called upon to train a new wave of Roman Catholic laity to bring all into the Mother Church. The vision of John Paul for a transforming world evangelism was traded for the counterfeit change of helping "Protestants" become Catholic.

Many Evangelicals have been caught off-guard by the resurgence of Roman Catholic apologetics, unaware of the warnings of Evangelical apologists. Although the best estimates indicate that the number of converts from Roman Catholicism to the Evangelical church remains quite high, the apparent increase in Evangelical converts to Roman Catholicism is a trend which Evangelicals need to be aware of. Despite the lofty goals of "Evangelicals and Catholics Together", it seems clear that neither party is indeed ready to stop proselytizing the other.

Evangelicals much remain watchful and guard the essential doctrines given to us by Jesus Christ at great cost: the transforming grace of Jesus Christ, the sufficiency of the final authority of God's Own Word as recorded in scripture, and the spiritual significance of the celebration of the Lord's Table. At the same time, we must not lose sight of the greater need of the world to hear the transforming grace of Jesus Christ.

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Evangelical Books on Roman Catholicism

Church History

Some Roman Catholic apologists have claimed that to be deep within Church History is to cease to be Protestant. I have found this claim to be exaggerated, based on a rather one-sided reading of church history.

Authority and Epistemology


Marian Dogmas


The Eucharist and Communion

Tradition and Sola Scriptura

Debates and Dialogues

Roman Catholic Works

Scott Hahn maintains a detailed bibliographical reference here. Note that many of the books on this list are marked "Protestant"; thus the list is not strictly Roman Catholic sources.

Roman Catholic Apologetics

This is by no means a complete list of Roman Catholic apologetics works. Many more can be found online, or by visiting a Roman Catholic bookstore such as Sacred Heart.

Scott Hahn maintains a detailed bibliographical reference on Roman Catholic apologetics here.

The Shape of the 21st Century Church

Introductory Books on Biblical Hermeneutics

The following is not a comprehensive listing of resources related to Biblical interpretation, but a few introdoctory resources are listed here.


Evangelical Websites

Websites of Former Roman Catholics

Online Resources

Roman Catholic Apologetic Websites

Roman Catholic Sources

Mailing Lists



"You are therefore urged to read with good will and attention, and to be indulgent in cases where, in spite of our diligent labor in translating, we may appear to have rendered some phrases imperfectly."

Quoted from Ecclesiasticus, a book of the Old Testament Apocrypha