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"I cannot overcome the impression," Václav Havel noted, "that Western culture is threatened more by itself than SS-20 rockets." A battle is being waged in the West over Truth, and is being fought on many fronts - between the remnants of the Modernists who are entrenched in technological disciplines, and the Postmodernists, whose relativism is increasingly the philosophy of academician and the young. In the middle of this fray, supporting absolute truth on one hand and critiquing the dangers of positivism on the other, standing as a beacon shining against the night, is the Christian church...

Unfortunately, the Christian church has been swayed far too much by the struggle, and has repeatedly been in danger of losing its soul. As Os Guinness points out, Modernism is as dangerous as Postmodernism, but Postmodernism is more current. For this reason, it is essential that Christians stand for Truth and not compromise to the vain philosophies of the present age. We must be like the men of Issachar, knowing the times in which we live.

But there is more to Truth than simply talking about it or knowing it. Truth must be lived. In this way, when one apprehends the Truth, it becomes a living force within his soul. He can no more conform that Truth to his own desires than he could wish the wind to blow contrary to its paths. By doing so he risks his own destruction. For when the Truth penetrates the heart, it changes a man to the innermost core of his being. He does not conform the truth to his desires; he is conformed to the Truth.

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The following list of books are listed by Os Guinness as recommended reading in "Time for Truth":